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We build sustainable solutions based on your ideas. Ranging from (video)content to showing you your own buildproject on it’s future site before the construction even started and everything in between. We’ve been doing it for years on the highest possible level.

Trust Commercial Paris

Brand Strategy And Content Production

We make your slogans and campaigns come to life through online and offline media. We create content through concept development tailored to the platforms where you want to reach your audience. We take in account the working parameters at every individual social platform en the viewing behaviour of your target audience. We also work alot in the corporate field (corporate videos) and the music business, but we like to do all of it ” CFX style. ”

3D Visualisation Architecture

2D/3D Animation - Visual Effects

From working on animated series to doing VFX work for award winning blockbusters; we’ve done it all. Our talented VFX team is specialized in creating infographics, 2D and 3D animations, visual effects and 2D and 3D visualisations for the client of today and tomorrow

Unreal Engine 4 Augemented Reallity

Technical Development

From building your next website to developing apps for techniques like the virtual reality space; CFX Squad does it and has done it before. With a team that follows every new technological development on a daily basis, we have the resources to implement the newest technologies from day one.