Wildlands Adventure Zoo is located at the border of the Netherlands and Germany in Europe. This park is known for its focus on innovation, animal well-being, and education. This new kind of zoo zooms in on what a day could look like when a modern-day zoo is combined with rides that would stand out in a theme park.



While the park is still young and growing rapidly, it did not really focus on getting large groups of schoolchildren in their park throughout the year. A new strategy was required to get the decision-makers within these schools interested in Wildlands Adventure Zoo. This way, we could double down on getting more school trips being spent in Wildlands Adventure Zoo.



Our creative team got to work and set up meetings with the team at Wildlands Adventure Zoo. While the traditional ways were still proving effective in other cases we thought that for a brand like Wildlands traditional advertising would not be the right fit. Instead of focusing on doing a campaign doing both print and digital we went completely digital with a fitting promotional video that told the story quicker and with more flair fitting the target audience. Schools from all over the Benelux visit Wildlands Adventure Zoo and we are happy to still be a partner to this amazing innovative park.