Nissan Juke 360 Experience

Nissan is a globally recognized brand that is one of the most well-known car manufacturers in the world. The Renault-Nissan Alliance is good for one in ten cars being purchased in the world.



For the launch of their newest iteration of the Nissan Juke the company needed to do something special for their notable board members and clients. In an industry where innovation is being pushed more and more in the last few years, it can become a real challenge to come up with an idea that really triggers the audience and makes an impact. So together with show production partner Promosound we had to get to work.



After learning we had the opportunity to use a big empty space for the job we got to work at creating a 360-degree room where our visitors would literally be surrounded by the new Juke before they got to see the car in person in the next room. By using cleverly placed screens and tailor-made content we could trigger the eyes and ears of the visitors everywhere they looked. The pre-launch was a big success and the room was the highlight of the evening. Our technical teams and creative teams worked hard together with partner Promosound to deliver an experience that was Nissan worthy.