HotSpot Titanium as an independent company was born out of a Dutch innovation hub: Inventum. Founded in 1908 by Alexander Vosmaer, Inventum used the specifics of electric energy to create a range of innovative ventilation and boiling water appliances. Energy Innovation First: safe and trusted. This promise has remained for more than 100 years. A promise that started with innovation and enthusiasm of people to do things differently and better, and has evolved into producing new products and creating new brands such as HotSpot Titanium.



Inventum was ready to conquer the world with their new product range of instant filtered boiling water appliances called the HotSpot Titanium. But up until that time, no real plans were made to develop a brand that complemented the already amazing product. This proves to be a hurdle to overcome for this ambitious company to become one of the market leaders in boiling water appliances.



First off we started with a series of intense brainstorms between our teams to find out what thereal purpose was of this new brand and product. While that was in progress our teams did extensive research on potential buyers and their profiles. Within a few weeks, we created a brand strategy and communication report that we could use to manage the product launch. The next steps were creating promotional content to communicate the USP’s of the product and the brand and create campaigns to display them to as many people as possible. With around 1.4 million people reached in the first phase of creating brand awareness, it was time to tighten the funnel with more actual value. With partner Happy Ship we’ve created an AR-app that gave potential buyers the chance to see the boiling water appliance in their kitchen before purchase. This addition to the customer journey gave us valuable data and by developing this app we gave the customer a new touchpoint where the buying phase could start seamlessly from the app. Up until this day we still work together with the brand and within a few years HotSpot should be a leading brand worldwide in boiling water appliances shaped for the future.