DisneyXD is a global brand focusing their content and branding on young children. Their television series and online series have been at the forefront of entertainment for kids all over the world for decades.



DisneyXD was working on the next season of their own hit tv-show Just Like Me! for Dutch and Belgian television. Although it pulled good viewer ratings it lacked an online presence. Young fans of the show did not have the opportunity to watch more tailored Just Like Me! content online to keep them engaged with the series and that justified a welcome change to the digital approach of the team at DisneyXD with this show.



Together with partner Mediakraft, we’ve developed stand-alone online pieces of content of the main characters of the show. With crafty and quick work from our teams, we’ve created several pieces of content that proved to be successful within weeks of starting the collaboration: around 200.000 kids online found our short episodes of the main characters, without any form of paid advertising within the campaigns. This approach to relinking with young audiences that are stepping away from the television to online has been the right choice for DisneyXD.