EA Games is one of the global market leaders in game entertainment. With dozens of hit games under their belt, they have been pioneers in game developing and publishing games globally. Their innovative and inclusive nature has proven to be a working formula to get to the top of the game and stay there for years to come.



Battlefield 1 was a very popular release for EA. But like with pretty much every other game, after time the player base stabilizes and shrinks a bit. Around a year after release, we got to produce a piece of content highlighting the funny side of the game where the humouristic approach was our preferred angle of getting extra eyes back on the game after patches and QoL improvements over it’s lifespan.



As most digital marketers know gamers are pretty easy to reach online but hard to satisfy. At CFX a lot of our team members are gamers, so we know a lot about the target audience. And one thing that we know about gamers is they are receptive to a humouristic approach to serious games. So we came up with a fun and short sketch that was built for online sharing. We disguised it as a DLC and created video content that would bring some extra attention to the IP. The results were something we were pretty proud of. Organically we have reached around 600.000 interested gamers that watched more than 65% of the total duration of the sketch. The organic results were way above average and in a cost-to-result ratio one of the most successful game related cases we have had the honor to produce.