We have been working online from the rise of YouTube till now.

With lenghty experience working on YouTube, Instagram and Twitch we’ve proven to be experts on social media. We know that companies and brands have to meet the demands of their audience to give value to their content. And we like to think we are experts in this field. We can link companies to our own talents and influencers we’ve worked with in the past. This strong network of influencers ensures that we are unique in the way that we can always get the best fitting influencer for every particular case where an influencer is needed. And all of this within reasonable pricing.


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Prankster John


Aarthos is one of the creators of Dutch Youtube sensation Prankster. With their viral videos subtitled in English Aarthos is a great option to work with if your brand also works in the Netherlands and Belgium!

Ruben sibma MMA

Ruben Sibma

Ruben Sibma is a Dutch MMA fighter living in Sweden. Ruben has got a very wide target audience that like healthy lifestyle, fitness, mixed martial arts and working out. Follow his rapid growth and adventures through: www.instagram.com/the_killer_chameleon/



Hugo is on of Hollands youngest and most talented creators. With him doing crazy fun challenges and showing his life through the camera he’s becoming bigger on Instagram and Youtube by the day.

Prankster John


JohnQuote is the other founder behind the YouTube sensation Prankster. On his own vlog channel John does daring experiments and shows the life of a fulltime YouTuber.

Rick Koekoek Biker

Rick Koekoek

With Rick holding four world records Rick is a renowned bike trial athlete. Through his Instagram and YouTube channel Rick shares his adventureous lifestyle.

Prankster Logo


Prankster is one of the biggest YouTube channels (900.000 subscribers) in Dutch speaking parts of the world. With their content getting views all across the globe nowadays Prankster is slowly becoming a international force of influence!