How To Make Your Corporate Videos Worth Your Money Again.

How To Make Your Corporate Videos Worth Your Money Again. 718 720 cfxsquad

New media is developing rapidly. Companies look for new and sustainable ways to engage with their target audiences on social platforms that require a constant adaptation of the latest trends with their viewers. But how do you as a company make sure that your video content is seen and valued by your – potential- customers? Let me explain.

” We want to show what we do at our business! Let’s put one of our managers in front of a camera and let him tell our audience more about our company.”

For the last ten years, this was a much-used way to let new potential customers get a feel for your business and what you stand for. Nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to get right. We at our company CFX Squad don’t like to use this approach anymore. This has to do with the following issues on new media platforms:

  • Saturation in your field of work and it’s content

With more and more startups popping up everywhere around us it’s getting harder to stand out with your company or brand. Every business and it’s friend is getting a bunch of corporate videos done to advertise and reach potential leads on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. This issue and the fact that people are getting smarter in recognizing advertised video content makes that a video with someone standing in front of a camera and often awkwardly telling a person next to the camera who and what they are is not appealing at all to keep watching. For the sole reason of people seeing this kind of content more and more on the platforms, they use daily.

  • You probably don’t have inhouse actors or hosts at your company that have the knowledge and experience on camera to engage with an audience in the few seconds you have

This is a tricky one. In some cases, it’s best for the founder to tell something about the business you run in the promotional content. Sometimes the founder and/or CEO has built an amazing relationship through the years with its direct circle of clients and has a reputation that is too good to not use to it’s fullest. Because let’s be real here: emotion sells.

But in most cases, putting someone that is not a hundred percent at ease in front of a camera is the worst thing you could possibly do. Here’s why:

Viewers decide if they want to watch your content within the first five to ten seconds of your video.

As you can imagine, seeing a very nervous manager tell you something about a company you don’t know is not very appealing to the eye and ear.

A far better approach would be to let your hired production company write a script based on the traits and selling points of your business and hire at least one actor to get the message across in a natural and snappy way. After all: shorter entertaining content works better on new media than lengthy speeches.

” How can we ensure that the most important messages get across to our viewers?”

The answer to this age old question is a pretty straightforward one: Entertain while educating.

People get tons of videos on their feeds that educate and entertain. But most of the time they don’t do both very well at the same time. A lot of content is there for the sole purpose to entertain you for a few seconds, and every once in awhile an educational video pops up. This is where opportunities arise.

  • See your newest corporate video as a chance to entertain your targeted audience

Who doesn’t like being entertained while browsing or searching for a business to bring your money to? Exactly.

The amazing part of using video as an advertising tool is the fact that video has the incredible power to influence emotions, behaviors, and opinions. And this is where your opportunity lies.

Make a short movie that has been written by professionals in the business. A script for a short film with your company traits and values will be far less boring to watch than watching a three-minute compilation of the machines you work with.

The fact that you have full power over setting, emotion, and opinion makes it much a more viable option than just putting your company out there. It gives you the power over how people will perceive your company or brand for the next months if not years.