How Providing Entertainment Makes Your Product Or Brand Sell Better

How Providing Entertainment Makes Your Product Or Brand Sell Better 1080 720 cfxsquad

How Providing Entertainment Makes Your Product Or Brand Sell Better

Doom is upon us: advertising is dead. Influencer marketing effectiveness is plummeting. Click through rates are lower than the popularity of bingo night with grandma for Gen Z. Or is it? Are loads of agencies, companies, startups, and brands not applying the right methods to actively create brand awareness and conversions anymore? The short answer is: yes.

Welcome to the jungle.

Companies varying from startups to market leaders worldwide are splurging ships full of money on agencies that help them reach their target consumers in a B2C jungle. A jungle full of traps, shady reports, and empty promises. Where so-called snakes wait for their moment to pounce and snatch the deal. This is what digital marketing has become faster and faster in the last few years. And it is time to reevaluate how companies, in general, should try to master the online world. Let’s grab a machete and cut our way through this wildlife.

Why fix a working system? – The agency approach.

Let’s draw out a situation. Agency X has a nice collection of clients ranging from SMEs to a few multinationals. They provide content for online advertising in combination with digital marketing advice and execution. Content that is solely made for informational purposes and make consumers aware of the product. The reports Agency X provides to its clients are showing mediocre results. Our beloved clients seem to be OK with it and keep the contract alive and kicking with adding another six months to their agreement. This sounds wrong, doesn’t it? Well newsflash: it happens more than we’d like to believe.

Why do so many companies settle for mediocrity across the board when it comes to digital marketing and advertising? Because a lot of agencies and freelance marketing experts help them believe that’s the average result achievable for their case. And we can’t blame them for it, as a lot of these good-willed people also think it’s the best way to be seen.

The flaw of traditional advertising on social platforms

Traditional sounds negative. But is it really? It depends on who you are and what your goal is for your specific campaign. Let’s dive into how a lot of companies advertise online and figure out why it’s pulling the numbers it does. After that, let’s find a way to boost engagement and brand awareness by tweaking the approach.

” We just want the consumers to know what our product is all about in short video and picture creatives on social platforms. ” – Most marketing teams

The most widely used form of advertised content. Company Z has had some creatives made for their product and their partner Agency is making sure they advertise wisely on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram with said content for the budgets allocated by the company. Let’s say the product is a fashion item focused on Gen Z. The company is thinking about pulling some influencers in the mix with its partner Agency to promote its product even more with their target consumer. Their averages in clickthrough rates and conversion are average at best.

The solution

Stop. Focusing. On. Informational. Content. You can imagine the claps I do in between words yourself I suppose. Gen Z is becoming completely numb for this kind of advertising. And if the Gen Z guys and gals aren’t your customers yet, they will be very soon. I’m not making myself popular here around marketing experts I know, but it needs to be said.

Gen Z spends an average of ten hours a day on screens, so the amount of product ads thrown at them is unthinkably high. How do you stand out from the crowd? By putting short content entertainment before promotional value. The art of giving, not asking is our mantra here.

Millennials and Generation Z, in particular, love online entertainment in the form of their favorite influencers, Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube, and naturally, hate intrusive advertising. Like we said our fake company wants to sell their fashion item to Generation Z. Cut down your marketing money in ads for the first months with 50% and start creating an interesting short series where fashion influencers get to experience your product journey and share it with their audience through a unified series name with your product hashtag. You now are putting entertainment first, and promotion and sales second. And a lot of studies in the last few years have shown that this is where we are partly headed if we want effective campaigns with consumers keeping your brand in the back of their head for longer periods of time and have positive engagements with you.

So, what is our conclusion here?

Entertainment sells. Whether you are a tool manufacturer, a tech startup or a fashion designer. Make branded content a big and important part of your digital marketing strategy to make sure you still have profitable customer actions years down the road. Many companies and big brands did it before you Look for an agency that can assist you with this that has relevant experience and thinks outside the box. These companies will help you stand out from the masses.

We just made it through the jungle together. Check your legs and arms before you enter the car, please!