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We are one of the quickest growing digital agencies that specializes in producing digital distributed content and social media marketing. We tend to do it a little different, with only one goal: every case has to be a bulls-eye.

Why do you need CFX Squad to work with you? Allow us to explain.

Online Champions

With over 25.000.000 views on our work in total, we have proven that quality video production, visual effects, 2D and 3D animation and social media strategies are our biggest talents. We only work withthe best people for every specific case and we are always on the lookout for the newest opportunities. The internet is a constant changing world where we’ve been focussing all our resources and attention for around six years now.

Award Winning Work

From animated series that won awards on national and international level to blockbuster movies; we’ve helped do the work! With award winners like Polska Warrior and A Noble Intention (2015) we are proud to say we have helped to make them possible through our knowledge! At this very moment we are producing a full blown movie and a documentary. Our team of talented freelancers helps us realizing the highest achievable endresult for every case.

Fresh Ideas Make Good Brands

With lengthy experience in strategic use of video in online brand campaigns CFX Squad has kicked ass and chewed bubblegum on multiple occasions. With our content being organically published on webpages like CNN, The Telegraph, Dumpert, 9GAG (Hot page) and Reddit (Front page). On of our specialties is finding a fitting audience based on the content we’ve made. Branded content or not; there are opportunities for grabs everywhere.

Viral Video Masters

With multiple videos covered on the global frontpages of the internet we at CFX Squad have shown that we understand how to make content that’s hot. From our videos becoming gifs on the hot page of 9GAG and frontpage coverage on Reddit to millions of hits across the web; we’ve done it. Nowadays a viral video can be your product or idea, as long as you understand the demands and values of the viewer of tomorrow.

Complete Solution

CFX Squad is the full blown all inclusive solution. Creating (video)content with the best machines out there, creating sustainable social media strategies, graphic designs, websites, 2D and 3D animation, visual effects work; We can do it all if your case demands so. We monitor and research the latest trends on social media daily and apply them constantly to our work.

Why Choose CFX?

Because we have our evidence in work to back what we claim! We are a young team of creators that will do everything in their abilities to make sure your case gets the best outcome possible. We aren’t guys in suits that are coming to tell you how you as a small business, medium sized business or even multinational business owner should work his brand and/or product. We are a bunch of creative dudes on a mission: finding your audience.

It’s time to show you some of our work.

With us solving new cases for our clients every week, we try to update our website with some of our latest projects regularly. We have loads of projects to showcase, but nothing close to all of them are on here. Please contact us if you want to see more or just want a question answered!