In view of recent developments in the world, an increasing number of people are obliged to stay at home. Companies such as Netflix, TakeAway and game developers such as EA and Ubisoft will benefit greatly from this. But is your company ready to take advantage of the tidal wave of online shopping that’s coming? We know better than anyone how important this part of your presence is and that is why we want to make you an offer that you will never see from us again:
If you register with your company via the contact form below, we will give you 1 HOUR FREE online consultancy about your digital positioning and visibility. Without obligations. Our in-house experts have previously worked for multinationals such as Disney, Inventum and Trust International and are now ready for you. Together, let’s get you and your company through this exciting time and grow instead of stall or worse: go bankrupt. Send us a message below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! No strings attached, no hidden fees. And that is a promise.
These are some of our bigger clients the last years, and we would love to add you to that list with our free 1 hour consultancy:

We at CFX believe in taking opportunities when the time is right. And right now, we see a surge in online shopping and people in general spending more time on their online devices. Do you have a webshop, a takeaway restaurant or maybe even a gym that has to close? Let’s see if we can figure out a way together with our experts how to keep your business going, instead of declining in this uncertain time! We have build a reputation as online experts by making content and strategizing and building ads for all online platforms that just plain and simple work. For years we have worked with big brands and smaller but just as awesome companies to create brand awareness and increase sales. And now, in this time where we need to stick together the most we want to give something back to the world and help every business owner a little by offering you 1 hour of free consultancy to see if we can help YOU!
Just send us a message through the contact form below. We won’t spam you with anything but to schedule an online call. No strings attached, completely free. Let’s help eachother a little more in times where smart businesses will rise and get through this together.

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