Traditional advertising is becoming more and more challenging to accurately measure and is slowly disappearing to the background. Many big companies have bigger budgets for online advertising nowadays in comparison to TV broadcasted ads. And this is with all the right reasons.

Inventum Corporate Film

Branded Content

We make your brand come alive in content tailored to your target audience, boosting your brand awareness and potential sales. We at CFX Squad always research the demands of your viewers first before we develop and shoot the content. This is why we can guarantee that your case will never miss it’s goal and you will see definite results.

Director - CFX

Content Production

We produce all kinds of content for a wide variety of clients. Corporate videos, TV content production, documentaries, short movies, influencer based content; we do it all and we love to work with you and your team on your next adventure.

Director - CFX

Concept Development

We would love to help you and your team create the creative content and marketing campaigns you need on the platforms you want. With our already huge experience at working in new and old media we’ve proven more than once that we understand how to reach the audience that wants to click and see your content.

We have a fitting solution for most clients. Financially and production wise.

CFX Squad works with budgets that are tailored to every project and we don’t work with fixed prices. With our own social reach fluctuating between the numbers of 40.000-150.000 a week CFX Squad has become a brand on it’s own. Sharing our knowledge on new media is one of the things CFX is passionate about, and what is more beautiful than sharing a passion with a client?