How we

Started out

CFX Squad was founded in the early 2010’s, as founder Maarten Nauw started out his 3D Animation career as an independent artist with his friend from school Randy.

With an already impressive portfolio Maarten and Randy quickly got their first big clients, working for national television and online work. After some years Randy was looking for a new challenge and Maarten and Randy both went separate ways. Maarten kept working on his company CFX, and soon after Randy left his brother Thomas Nauw graduated from one of the top film colleges in the country. Thomas joined his brother within the company, establishing the integration of video shooting in CFX Squad. Within a matter of months CFX Squad became a well known and high demand business for 3D animation/visualization, aftermovies, corporate video and visual effects. With their hunger to create visual stunning shorts, they kept working on their YouTube channel, with collaborations with international YouTubers with 500.000+ views per week. After creating guerilla marketing type videos CFX Squad was shown on outlets like CNN, the Telegraph and other big news companies and websites. CFX Squad has shown that they understood how to make a video that drawed an audience, which resulted in even more clients wanting to work with the young talented crew.

With their company growing steadily, they needed someone to strengthen the company even more. At sheer coincidence, Thomas met Leroy ter Braak. After talking strategy, Thomas and Leroy knew they had to work together. After introducing Leroy and Maarten formally, Leroy became the new partner within CFX Squad. Leroy was a freelance video editor at start, but also brought the marketing and creative aspect to the company which resulted in CFX producing video campaigns with multinationals but also on a national level bringing creativity back to corporate video.

After some years of building a powerhouse in online content, CFX Squad expanded their scope to managing the influencer talent of today. With creators/influencers in their team CFX Squad has the power to link the best talents to the best brands and build further on their already successful foundation.

141 projects

Have been succesfully coming to an end last year. We are aiming to double that this year with your help!

We put your strategy ideas in motion. Developing online content strategies, working on the latest blockbusters, infographics, 2D and 3D animation, short films, website and app development, talent management; we do it all.