3 Reasons Why Millions Of People Watched Our Work And How You Can Do The Same

3 Reasons Why Millions Of People Watched Our Work And How You Can Do The Same 586 417 cfxsquad

3 Reasons Why Millions Of People Watched Our Work And How You Can Do The Same.

For around six years now our company CFX Digital has been creating content on the world wide web. We have been featured on the front pages of the internet and our work has been seen on news outlets all around the world. In our company, we have the honor to work with brands and companies that are searching for their place in the market with their latest products and services and want us to develop a content-driven campaign that suits their needs. After a few weeks of no articles written I felt the urge to share our three main reasons why we as a fairly small Dutch company found the numbers many companies and brands all around the world are looking for. Buckle up!

1. We Keep An Eye Out For Viral Opportunities

I remember one video we made purely for the fun of it. There was this video going around the web where a Russian fighter jet did an extremely low flyover. One terrified Russian driver and his dashcam recorded it all and the video went viral like never before. News outlets all around the world covered it and we caught the video pretty early in its viral cycle. This was what we needed. We made a VFX edit that was a parody of the original video. It got to the front page of 9GAG (5 million visitors per day), Dutch video website Dumpert (+1 million views) and several Facebook pages gathering likes in the multimillions.

So, what’s the point of my story? Simple! Keep an eye out for viral opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to sell a product, service, or just enable more organic brand visibility. If something is getting more than usual coverage, it’s worth looking into. E.g: Try to mix the latest viral trend with your message by using its punchline. The punchline in a video is the part where the people recognize it even without remembering it on top of the mind. Think of the classic dramatic squirrel. People that have been using YouTube frequently for the last 10+ years will recognize the sound bite immediately and instantly remember this funny classic internet meme. This is where your advertised video can stand out on a user’s feed. And the best part of it all? You won’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars in addition to your marketing budgets to incorporate it into your campaigns.

2. We Value Entertainment Above All

We have done several short film style videos together with big game publishers, and we pretty much always disagreed on a few words they tend to say to us before the shoot:

” We want .. ”

This is where the difference between 200.000 paid for viewers and several millions of organic reach is made. People that browse YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or places like Reddit don’t give a flying duck about what you want. They want to be entertained, share knowledge, and catch up with friends. Loads of these game publishers always tried to tell us what features of the game they wanted to highlight in the short film we were about to make, and we always tried to put it in the script if possible. Where we drew the line was when it did not add to the entertainment value of the content.

You always want to put the value of entertainment above the need of telling it all. A lot of research and articles have covered this subject, but still many agencies and marketing-driven companies aren’t incorporating this important rule in their campaigns effectively yet. Entertainment helps to sell your service, product, or brand more than any advertising budget ever can!

3. We Research Our Targeted Audiences

Sometimes it’s cringe-worthy. An ad campaign targeted towards Generation Z (See this article I wrote for more on that specific generation) that’s painfully missing it’s main objectives: making teenagers talk about them or purchase their product.

Some time ago we decided it was time to develop an own case again where we tried to reach one of the hardest to reach and please audiences: young males between the age of 12-25. We researched what the most hyped-up internet topic was at that time for this target audience: PUBG. A game that was played by massive amounts of young males worldwide. We wrote a script, shot a funny short video about the game, and uploaded it to YouTube. At this time it’s been watched around 450.000 times on our own channel and has been reposted to several websites around the world that have 1 million-plus visitors daily. Our budget for shooting this short video was 50 euros. My point? If you know what your targeted audience likes and finds entertaining, you don’t need the most expensive crew you can find to reach the audience you want. You need the most creative one.